Vollmond Elite est. September 2010

2013 ASDA Top Dressage Stable of the Year
2013 ASDA Reserve Top Dressage Owner of the Year

Vollmond Elite is dedicated to brining back the romance between horse and rider. We strive on a solid horse and rider partnership through the natural language of the horse. All of our horses are trained with our natural approaches long before they are ever backed. All of our horses then begin with a classical dressage foundation. We believe dressage is the foundation for all equestrian disciplines. Through a deep understanding of a horses development we are able to give our young horses a great start on life and a jump start for future competition. Our horses are brought along at their own paces in order to keep from overwhelming a young mind. The trainers, riders and working students at Vollmond Elite all complete a six week class on our equine management philosophy as well as our training principles. This ensures everyone is educated on what Vollmond Elite is all about. Vollmond Elite was established in November of 2010 as an extention of Madrona Park. However in October of 2013 all the event horses of Madrona Park moved and now reside at Vollmond Elite. Due to the great achievements of the horses at Vollmond Elite and the need to have all the warmbloods in the same location, this change was much needed. Vollmond Elite focuses on the training, breeding, and showing of warmblood horses for dressage, show jumping, eventing, and hunter/equitation.

We believe that horses should be kept in as close to thier natural environment as possible while maintaining safety. For this reason we have fifteen five acre pastures each equipped with a 15' X 30' enclosed stall, a filtered water trough (which is heated in the winter months), and horse safe wood fencing. Every horse at Vollmond Elite is turned out in the pastures during the daytime and retire to their 15' X 15' padded stalls with attached paddocks for the evening. Our horses are fed four times a day and checked on at each feeding. Our horses are fed a grain supplement made for Vollmond Elite to ensure proper intake of calories, protein, and carbohydrates as well as a high quality alfalfa or timothy hay depending on the individual horses needs.

Vollmond Elite is located on several hundred acres in the in the pacific northwest. The climate and indoor arenas allow us to work the horses all year long. We have one indoor arena located in the main barn and another larger one for competitions located a short distance from the main barn and includes a full bleacher seating, judges viewing area, and kitchen area for visitors. Each barn is equipped with heated tack rooms and heated wash stalls as well. We also have two large outdoor arenas open in the spring and summer as well as four standard sized outdoor dressage rings. Two of which have grass footing and two a high quality bark footing. Vollmond Elite also includes miles of trails for when you and your horse need a break from the everyday riding in the ring. Everyone needs a little fun and horses need time to enjoy a relaxing ride as well. In addition, a full beg. novice to advanced cross country course was completed in 2013 to provide a schooling location for our event horses. This course also includes a 2 mile long conditioning track to maintain the proper fitness level of our horses. Vollmond Elite is available for horse boarding when you or your horse are in full training. We like to keep the stables a peaceful and quiet place for the horses so only responsible dedicated boarders are accepted. All horses including boarded horses receive high quality care from our staff which includes regular veterinarian and farrier visits. The horses are also blanketed or unblanketed accordingly and before turnout the horses are fitted in their splint and bell boots for protection.

Vollmond Elite competes their horses in a number of associations. Currently we are focusing on dressage, show jumping, eventing, hunters and equitation. Our horses are showing in the All Sim Warmblood Association, All Sim Dressage Association, All Sim Jumping Association, All Sim Eventing Association, All Sim Irish Horse Society, the Sport Horse Association, the Baroque Horse Association, and the All Sim Hunter, Equitation, and Jumper Circuit. In addition we have a small string of international competitors who compete in various shows at SISF. As more and more association come into existance we may be adding more and more to our list. Our horses are very actively shown in all thier associations. Vollmond Elite is not just a comepetition stable, but also a first class stallion management and breeding operation. We have full equine reproduction services including fresh, cooled, and frozen available for our stallions, and mare services including artificial insemination and embryo transfer. We also provide foaling services for those who need it.

VE Horse Of The Month and VE Homebred Of The Month

Mascarpone x Maigold
1995 16.3hhhh Zweibruker Mare

Reisiliant VE
Reisling VE x Brilluet VE
2003 1.72mhh Hanoverian Stallion