Madrona Park is currently training and breeding racehorses of all types. With the main focus being thoroughbred racing we also race arabians and stock breeds. We have several horses of different breeds winning at graded 1 stakes and often race in the largest races in sim. Our thoroughbreds race all over the world in the INJC where Madrona Park is currently ranked in the top 5 for earnings.


Madrona Park has a growing field of endurance competitors. Our competitors include arabians, thoroughbreds and akhal tekes. Although few in number we have some top quality endurance racers with some of the best endurance bloodlines. Stallions are proven and available for stud. We also have akhal tekes available for breeding to cross for Keystone warmbloods. As well as a few Akhal tekes who compete in eventing but can be found in the endurance section.


The newest adventure at Madrona Park is our arabians. Madrona Park has opened its doors to Polish, Egyptian and Domestic arabians competing in all disciplines. We are lucky enough to own the 2012 SAI English Pleasure Horse of the Year and co Overall English Horse of the Year included in our Arabian Stallion Lineup. Our arabians are competitive in the AHAC and several also compete in the ASSA.

Madrona Park est. August 2010

Welcome to Madrona Park. We are located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. We opened our doors in August of 2010 and hope to be around for a long time to come. We started out by focusing on Thoroughbreds, warmbloods, and arabians. Our horses mostly competed in racing and eventing. However in October of 2013 Madrona Park has moved all the thoroughbred sporthorses and warmbloods to our sister stable Vollmond Elite in order to focus on our arabians and our racing competitors. The owner of Madrona Park is Shay. Shay has competed in all types of sporthorse type events and has a wealth of knowledge in that area. She also spent many years retraining thoroughbreds off the track so Madrona Park is specially equipped for turning bad racehorses into champion event horses. Shay spent her teen years as a working student for many of the highest level eventing stables and has taken with her the meticulous attention to detail they require. Because of this Madrona Park is one of the cleanest, caring, safest stables around.

Madrona Park sits on several hundred acres of lush hilly pasture land and wooded mountainous regions. The Park's facilities include a full cross country course from pre comp to advanced level. The Park also contains four standard sized outdoor dressage rings, two larger outdoor jumping rings, two roundpens, two hotwalkers, and a full turf and dirt racetrack. Numerous trails wind around the grounds and go through all types of terrain from valleys to mountains to rivers and lakes. There are six barns at the park, two of which are kept for visiting horses currently as we do not have that many horses. One is set up for horses currently in racetraining and includes 30 12 X 12 stalls, a feedroom, two tackrooms, and two washstalls. The main barn is for all our other competition horses and includes 50 12 X 12 stalls with attatched paddocks, two feedrooms, four tackrooms, eight washstalls, the main office, as well as being attatched to the main indoor arena. We also have a broodmare barn set up for breeding with optional attatched pastures, similar to our stallion barn.

Madrona Park consists of many helpful staff members in order to make everything happen. Shay is the owner and one of the assistant trainers at Madrona Park, however her time is split between here and Vollmond Elite. Jan Stockton is the head trainer for our arabian division. She has been riding, training, and breeding arabians since she could walk. She is now joined by Vickie Murdoch, who has been competing and training arabian horses her entire life as well. Vickie has a vast amount of knowledge and experience competing at all the top Arabian shows worldwide. Now she uses all of her knowledge and experience to train the show horses of Madrona Park. Lucinda Maybeth is the lead trainer of the endurance competitors and she is gaining quite a following of riders now competing with us. and we are very happy she has decided to join our team. Remus Silvester is our resident racehorse trainer, he has been with us from the beginning and has learned a great deal of knowledge about racehorses in his 55 years. Lilly Edwards is our stable manager and also an aspiring event rider. She usually has time to compete one or two horses a year. Michelle Robinson is our head sporthorse coach, she is great with the younger horses and riders as well.