Dhark Mood VE

||Pedigree Information||

Dhark Siennha CH++++

Dhark Dhestiny+/+/+ Black Halim
Ashan Hisan
Torrance Sienna+++ Daydream OS++
Klasyk Niegrzeczny

U Willamette

U Jon Snow Constantin
U Wilca Kooihuster Wessel

*3rd Generation Sim*

Dhark Mood VE is by the Weser Ems approved arabian stallion, Dhark Siennha CH++++ who has many Champions in hand and competes in hunters and dressage. From C&H Ranch, "Dhark Siennha CH is custom-bred for greatness. His sire, none other than the legendary All-Sim stallion HOTY RHOTY RHOTY RHOTY Dhark Dhestiny+/+/+, owned by Pia of Falkferd Farm. Dhestiny has not only earned Horse of the Year and Reserve Horse of the Year titles, but also the highest Legion title possible in the AHAC, the Legion of Fame (+/+/+). He has earned too many titles to list here, which include multiple National Championships and Reserves. If that doesn't make him special enough, another claim to his fame lies within his offspring. TWO of his sons have ALSO claimed the AHAC Legion of Fame titleship, SAI Dhark Victory+/+/+ and Dhark Sherif+/+/+. Two more of his colts, Aswad Badawi F++++/ and the Morab Dhestine For Gold++++ are also dangerously close to capturing the title as well. You couldn't ask for proof in a sire than what Dhestiny has provided. We chose Torrance Sienna OS++ as Dhark Siennha's dam for her excellent show record and proven pedigree (both RL and sim, which includes the cele brated Daydream OS by the Windblown LTD legend Ibn Haalifah). As a three year old, she captured a RESERVE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP at the Salon du Cheval. She earned another of the same in 2008, as well as National RESERVE CHAMPIONSHIP in 2006, the 2006 SPORT HORSE OF THE YEAR title, and a National CHAMPIONSHIP in 2007. Dhark is her first foal, and we believe she won't let us down as a broodmare."
Dhark Mood VE is out of U Willamette, a successful dressage competitor. U Willamette is by U Jon Snow a successful dressage competitor and class 1 stallion. U Jon Snow has titles in the ASPSA and his full brother placed 4th in his Licensing in Germany. U Jon Snow is by the Elite welsh stallion Constantin, who has sired numerous successful German Riding ponies. U Willamette is out of U Wilca a German Riding Pony broodmare who has produced successful show competitors. U Wilca is by Kooihuster Wessel the son of international jumper Bjirmens Wytse. U Wilca is out of a daughter of the great riding pony Folklore son of Elite stallion Power Boy.


Breed||German Riding Pony
Approved With||Weser Ems, Riding Ponies, and Sport Ponies
Bred By||Vollmond Elite by a C&H Ranch Stallion
Conditions||Lifetime URL to C&H Ranch
Trained In||Hunters


Dhark Mood VE is called Dharla around the barn. She is a funny girl but can be a real bully in the pasture to the other foals. She is a dominant horse and likes to get her way when it comes to status in the herd. This is how she got her name. She is very different to people though. She will be a babysitter type when under saddle, she loves kids. She is very protective and never wants to hurt anyone. She is a careful girl who loves to jump. She will be quite the star of the show later on.


||Inspections, Performance Tests and Awards||

Basic Scores
Breed Type & General Conformation: 70%
Shoulder & Withers: 56%
Topline & Quarters: 99%
Front Legs: 49%
Correctness of Movement: 38%
Carriage & Elasticity: 48%
Free Jumping: 53%

Dressage Potential
Maximum Level: Intermediare I/II (75%)
Maximum Circuit: Regional (43%)

Hunters Potential
Maximum Level: Regular Working or Conformation Hunters (84%)
Maximum Circuit: International (76%)

||Show Record||