Chiron VE

GNs Comet Tail -Challenger - Quidam de Revel 2007 Bay (AaEe) Holsteiner Stallion standing 1.72m


Bred by Vollmond Elite
Competing in|| Show Jumping
Chiron with his socks and big blaze, looks just like his sire. Much like him he is of curious but intelligent nature. Sometimes he can be a bit too curious and end up making a mess of the brush box or whatever it is he decides to get into. Because of his great intelligence though he does not spook, even if he knocks a bunch of stuff over or makes a loud noise it just ends up spiking his interest even more. He loves being taken out of his stall for any reason at all and is happy just sitting in the cross ties and getting attention from his riders or grooms. He is easy to love with his cute and playful curiosity. Under saddle he is very consistent and loves to please. He would never think to run out or refuse a jump and is forgiving if you get him ton the wrong spot, he will still jump whatever is in front of him. He got his dam's flashy gaits and good balance so is doing well in his dressage training as well. He clearly shows a preference for jumping though so that will be his main focus. He does have some spirit and a great deal of athleticism so he does need an intermediate or above rider.

Conditions Include|| Lifetime URL to Gestut Nereus

||Breeding Information and Progeny||

Available for Breeding

Approved to Breed Most German WB registries

2010 Cherie VE Holsteiner Mare out of WPE Chanel
2012 Centurion VE Holsteiner Stallion out of Faustine

||Pedigree Information||

GNs Comet Tail

Centurion Nightstar J Casander IR
Ana Karenina EH Kayala


Challenger Contender
Edessia Quidam de Revel
Vanessa III

*4th/3rd Generation Sim*

Chiron is by the great sire GNs Comet Tail. GNs Comet Tail is an Elite stallion who has completed his stallion testing and received an 8.0 overall as well as being an A rated stallion. Comet Tail has competed very successfully at grand prix show jumping to win 2011 SAI Sr Jumping Horse of the Year. In 2012 GNs Comet Tail won 2012 SAI English Producing Sire of the Year. Comet Tail is by the stallion Centurio Nightstar J who recieved an 8.7 at his stallion licensing. Centurio Nightstar J also competed well at show jumping and is by the sim bred stallion Casander IR. GNs Comet Tail is out of the Elite mare Ana Karenina GN who recieved a 10 for her exterior evaluation. Ana Karenina GN has produced several successful grand prix show jumpers as well as others who have been competitive in eventing, dressage, and hunters. Chiron is out of the mare Calligraphy. Calligraphy is a dual performer who is currently an ASDA and ASJA National Champion. Calligraphy is a mare who was bred for show jumping but has shown an extreme talent in dressage as well competing at the intermediare I level. Calligraphy's sire, Challenger competed at grand prix level show jumping as well as fourth level dressage. Challenger was a very gorgeous and talented sim stallion and it is unfortunate but most of his show record was lost. Challenger is by Contender, a leading sire of show jumpers. Contender is by the famous Cor de la Bryere line and out of a Ramiro Z daughter. Challenger's dam, Ligustra a tremendous broodmare who produced the approved stallions Cicero, the reserve champion stallion at Keuring Ciero II, and Cicera who became the elite mare champion at the mare Championships. Calligraphy's dam is the good producing mare, Edessia who was bred specifically for show jumping. Edessia is by the leading show jumping sire Quidam de Revel. Quidam de Revel is by the amazing Jalisco B.

||Inspections, Performance Tests and Awards||

SAND Inspections
Breed and gender type: 8/10 p.
Head, neck, body: 8/10 p.
Limbs and movement regularity: 6/10 p.
Movement mechanics (walk): 7/10 p.
Movement mechanics (trot): 8/10 p.

Result: 37/50 p.
Inspected as Klass 1
at SAND Inspections

||Show Record||