USA Wild Sky

Nasbyholms Oscar Wilde -Svartbacks Glenfidditch - Svartbacks Vincent Valentin 2010 Bay (AAEE) Swedish Warmblood Mare standing 1.68m


Bred by USA Stables
Competing in|| Show Jumping
USA Wild Sky or Sky as she is called around the stable, came to us in December of 2014. She loves to keep busy with a job and when she is in her paddock she is usually playing with her ball or her neighbor horses. Sky is a social girl and gets along with most everyone, she is just happy getting attention. Sky has an incredible jumping talent and tries her all at every jump. She is not the type to stop and is a bold girl. Bright colored or water jumps it doesnt matter she wont even look twice at them.

Conditions Include|| Contract to Noma of USA

||Breeding Information and Progeny||

Not Available for Breeding

Approved to Breed Swedish Warmblood and pending

||Pedigree Information||

Nasbyholms Oscar Wilde

NDC Wind Whisperer Svartbacks Crusader
NDC Targa
Nasbyholms Valencia Bever I
Nasbyholms Sarah Lee

NDC Electric Sky

Svartbacks Glenfidditch Kviks Kaliber Z
NDC Gabby Wolf
NDC Valenticia Svartbacks Vincent Valentin
Svartbacks Laeticia

*5th+ Generation Sim*

USA Wild Sky is by Nasbyholms Oscar Wild a class 1 rated stallion by NDC Wind Whisperer who also earned his class 1 and AB prem. NDC Wind Whisperer is by the class 1 stallion Svartbacks Crusador and out of the mare NDC Targa, both successful show jumpers. Nasbyholms Oscar Wild is out of Nasyholms Valencia another class 1 show jumper by the Diploma stallion Bever I. Nasbyholms Valencia is out of another successful show jumping mare Nasbyhoms Sarah Lee who is the product of the Diploma stallion Relevanth SUN and the Diploma mare Nasbyholms Little Mermaid. USA Wild Sky is out of NDC Electric Sky who also earned her class 1 and successfully competes in show jumping. NDC Electric Sky is by the class 1 stallion Svartbacks Glenfidditch who comes from a long line of sim horses. NDC Electric Sky is out of NDC Valenticia who is Diploma rated. NDC Valenticia is by Vincent Valentin a successful show jumper up to 1.4m and descendant of the thoroughbred stallion k Soulful and the Diploma Elite mare VDL Bourne Ultimatum. NDC Valenticia is out of an Diploma Elite mare as well named Svartbacks Laeticia.

||Inspections, Performance Tests and Awards||

||Show Record||