||Pedigree Information||


Tharcano Temkir
Lamidea Ghondor


Asthor Amchando
Madira Karubhin

*First Generation Sim*

Not much is known of his pedigree although he was imported to us from overseas and so it is thought his bloodlines are pure Turkish. Both his parents were also successful in the endurance rings.


Breed||Akhal Teke
Approved With||Akhal Teke and 1st generation Keystone WB
Bred By||Bolero
Conditions||Notification of Sale to Frisky of Bolero
Trained In||Endurance


Temir is a gorgeous dun stallion who is very noticeable both around our stable and at the endurance rides. He has great stamina and loves to go go go all day long. He also is fast at short distances and can keep up with some of the thoroughbreds on the farm. He has great heart for his rider and will put his all into each ride. He is consistant and reliable under saddle and not like most stallions. He builds a strong bond with his rider and is very attentive under saddle, always listening to his rider first and foremost. Outside influences typical dont play a part in his actions. He also is showing to have an excellent jumping ability. We believe he will be vital not only in our endurance racing program but also in our eventing breeding program. He is trained through dressage level A, with potential for L level and his previous owners also say he has potential for CIC** level if he had been trained to event. He will make some very athletic and fancy horses here at Madrona Park.


2005 Aerowyn MP Keystone Warmblood Mare out of Carlonia
2005 S T8tara Akhal Teke Mare out of SA L8ter Kara
Sanaz MP Akhal Teke Mare out of Suette
2013 Alyona SF Akhal Teke Mare out of Akiana

||Inspections, Performance Tests and Awards||

2012 Mileage Award Winner

Total ERC Miles|| 7,265
13 Best Conditioneds Earned

||Show Record||

ERC Points|| 50
ERC Title||

7 2015 50 Miles in 07:03:55 ERC 2015 Central Regional Championships