Romadour II -Angelo - Donar 1989 Brown (AtAtEE) Westphalian Mare standing 1.72m


Bred by Create
Competing in|| Dressage
A mare with a stellar personality. A true sweetheart who will do her all to make you happy. She has a great work ethic and wonderful talents for dressage.

Conditions Include|| None

||Breeding Information and Progeny||

Not Available for Breeding

Approved to Breed Westphalain, Hanoverian and Oldenburg

1996 Ehrendour VE Westphalian Stallion by Ehrentach
2004 Revolt VE Westphalian Mare by Reveille

||Pedigree Information||

Romadour II

Romulus I Remus I
Gunda Gruenfink


Angelo Oliveri
Dodona Donar

*First generation Sim*

She is by Romadour II, who was one of the most popular stallions of his time. Romadour II offers refinement through the thoroughbred blood in his pedigree and was very influential on the dressage competitor. Romadone is out of Adone, the dam of Rembrandt, making Romadone a full sister to Rembrandt. Rembrandt is a 4 time Olympic Gold medalist in dressage, a 2 time World Champion, and 2 time European Champion.

||Inspections, Performance Tests and Awards||

||Initial Inspection||
Breed Type/Sex Type|| 7.5
Conformation|| 8.5
Walk|| 7.5
Trot|| 9.0
Canter|| 8.0
Gaits|| 8.16
Jump Technique|| 7.5
Jump Capability|| 7.5
Overall Jumping|| 7.5
Overall Impression|| 8.0
||Total Score|| 7.93 awarded Premium Mare

||Show Record||