Roemer -Ravallo - Fruehlingstraum II 2000 Chestnut (Aaee) Westphalian Stallion standing 1.71m


Bred by Create
Competing in|| Dressage
We had such high ambitions for this guy we was winning just about everything he entered when he passed. He suffered several bouts of colic and eventually he could not recover. It was a sad day at the stables as he was far to young to pass. He had so much going for him and was about to move up the the prix st. george level. Regardless he was able to leave a few offspring behind which are proving to have his winning nature and grand ambition.

Conditions Include|| none

||Breeding Information and Progeny||

Not Available for Breeding

Approved to Breed German Wbs

2001 Etteille VE Keystone Warmblood Mare out of Suette
2003 Revelator VE Westphalian Mare out of Preyer
2004 Revolt VE Westphalian Mare out of Romadone

||Pedigree Information||


Pilatus Perseus
Cronella Cyrano

St. Pr. St. Reine Freude

Ravallo Raphael
Fruehlingsonne Fruehlingstraum II

*First Generation Sim*

Reveille is by Roemer a westphalian stallion who earned his Preferent title with KWPN. Roemer not only competed at International Grand Prix Show Jumping but also Grand Prix dressage. He is a stunning and incredible stallion who sired several approved sons and preferent mares. Reveille's dam is the State Premium mare Reine Freude who is out of a line of State Premium Mares. Reine Freude is by Ravallo, the gorgeous grandson of Ramiro Z and out of the granddaughter of Gotthard.

||Inspections, Performance Tests and Awards||

||Initial Inspection||
Breed Type/Sex Type|| 9.5
Conformation|| 7.0
Walk|| 5.0
Trot|| 8.0
Canter|| 8.5
Gaits|| 7.2
Jump Technique|| 7.5
Jump Capability|| 9.5
Overall Jumping|| 8.5
Overall Impression|| 9.0
||Total Score|| 8.24 awarded Premium Licensed Stallion

||Show Record||