||Pedigree Information||


Iran Chagall
Irja Juan


Flamingo Urbino
Lankella Lansiaer

*First Generation Sim*

He descends from a long line of Elite stallions including his sire Napoleon, Iran, Chagall etc. He is a full brother of Amiral who recieved all 10s for his gaits in his performance test. Amiral was also a very successful international grand prix competitor.


Breed||Swedish Warmblood
Approved With||Swedish WB, KWPN, and Oldenburg
Bred By||Create
Trained In||Dressage


This guy is exquisite in dressage. He has all the right moves and does them in style. He has a great aptitude for collection work and is a very competitive grand prix horse. He even preformed in the Olympics in his sim game to earn Team Gold in dressage. Unfortunately most of his show records were lost through the years but this guy is very special.


1996 Dynamo VE Swedish Warmblood Stallion out of Magicera

||Inspections, Performance Tests and Awards||

||Initial Inspection||
Breed Type/Sex Type|| 6.5
Conformation|| 9.0
Walk|| 8.0
Trot|| 9.5
Canter|| 7.0
Gaits|| 8.17
Jump Technique|| 6.5
Jump Capability|| 6.5
Overall Jumping|| 6.5
Overall Impression|| 9.0
||Total Score|| 7.65 awarded Licensed Stallion

Awarded Elite Achievment award in 2004 for Significant contribution to his sport ie Olympic Medal

||Show Record||

Another Rainy Day Show Points|| 0
Another Rainy Day Show Title||
Open Points|| 0
Open Title||

1 2008 Team Dressage Grand Prix second test Olympics
2 2008 Team Dressage Grand Prix Freestyle Olympics
3 2008 Team Dressage Grand Prix Olympics
CH 2008 Team Dressage Champion Olympics
TT 2008 Grand Prix Schools Starting Dressage Show
TT 2008 FEI Musical Freestyle Schools Starting Dressage Show
TT 2007 Musical Kur Prix St. George Rainy Day Show
TT Open 2007 0 Grand Prix Dressage