Breitling W -Argentinus - Waidman 1996 Bay (AaEe) Oldenburg Stallion standing 1.70m


Bred by Create
Competing in|| Dressage to Intermediare II
This guy was a very good competitor at Intermediare II. A great horse with schoolmaster quality, he is very rideable. Most of his life was spent showing and only bred a handful of times.

Conditions Include|| none

||Breeding Information and Progeny||

Not Available for Breeding

Approved to Breed Most German WBs

1999 Brilluet VE Oldenburg Mare out of Quiliuet
2002 Breitante VE Oldenburg Stallion out of Rairante

||Pedigree Information||

Breitling W

Bismark Bolero
Maja Maat I


Argentinus Argentan
St. Pr. St. Dorle
Wenke Waidman

*First Generation Sim*

Breitan is by Breitling W a very lovely sire who competed at international grand prix dressage. Breitling W earned an incredible breeding index of 172 and is by the advanced dressage competitor Bismark. Bismark is a son of the great underused dressage producer Bolero. Breitan is out of the 2003 World Cup winner Anka. Anka is by the great sire Argentinus a grand prix show jumper and sire of both dressage and jumpers.

||Inspections, Performance Tests and Awards||

||Initial Inspection||
Breed Type/Sex Type|| 6.5
Conformation|| 7.5
Walk|| 9.0
Trot|| 10.0
Canter|| 6.5
Gaits|| 8.5
Jump Technique|| 6.5
Jump Capability|| 6.5
Overall Jumping|| 6.5
Overall Impression|| 8.5
||Total Score|| 7.5 awarded Licensed Stallion

||Show Record||