Anteros VE

GNs Ares Barrier -Charger VE - Callepto 2009 Bay (AaEE) Holsteiner Stallion standing 1.65m


Bred by Vollmond Elite
Competing in|| Show Jumping and Dressage
Anteros is a smart young stallion. He really seems to know when he is at a show and he shows off accordingly. He has a great capacity for focus and it makes him a very careful jumper. This doesnt mean he is hesitant at all he loves to jump and will jump whatever is in front of him. He has yet to be faced with something he can not jump. If he has a fault it is that he believes he knows best and will sometimes try to take over and decide himself how fast and how to approach the fences. He picks and chooses those riders that he will listen to and you have to prove yourself worthy or else he will take over. He is quite respectful on the ground and a real pleasure to have most of the time. Around mares he can be a bit more of a handful and shows typical stallion behavior. He has a competitive nature about him both around mares and at shows and care should be taken as he has been known to become aggressive with other stallions. That is not his normal though. He has shown a tremendous amount of scope and looks to have all the makings of a top show jumper.

Conditions Include|| Lifetime URL to Gestut Elwen and remains active

||Breeding Information and Progeny||

Available for Breeding

Approved to Breed Pending

||Pedigree Information||

GNs Ares Barrier

Absatz Kira Askari
GNs Waitonga SP Wicked Game
Celeste MH


Charger VE Challenger
Keruclean VE Callepto

*4th Generation Sim*

Anteros VE is by GNs Ares Barrier an international show jumper who has S** experience as well as being an ASJA Champion. GNs Ares Barrier is by Absatz Kira who competed with the Finnish Barrier Show Jumpers. Absatz Kira is the product of two holsteiners who were in sim 5 years ago but have since passed on. Ares Barrier is out of GNs Waitonga SP a broodmare who competed to A level in dressage and M level in show jumping. Waitonga is by Wicked Game a winning grand prix show jumper and out of the state premium mare Celeste MH another grand prix show jumper. Anteros' dam is Joyeux our ASJA National Champion mare. Joyeux is by Charger a son of Challenger a grand prix show jumper who also competed through fourth level dressage. Joyeux's dam is a currently competing in show jumping as well and is by Callepto a Capitol I son who competed to the mini prix circuit.

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