Talon VE

||Pedigree Information||


Lehndorffs Marduc
Legende IX
Batida IV Sixtus
Ballerina XXV


Dschehim ox Pamir I ox
Dschihan ox
Tekoa Condus
Themse II

*2nd Generation Sim*

Talon VE is sired by Burke an ASWA Hall of Fame stallion who competes in the working hunter division. Talon VE is out of Teeki a bronze premium rated broodmare.


Approved With||Trakehner and most Wbs
Bred By||Vollmond Elite
Conditions||Under Contract to Vollmond Elite
Trained In||Equitation


Talon VE is not as her name would suggest...instead she got her sires excellent temperament. Talon is a very talented jumping horse with the mind and beauty to go with it. She does well in all rings but really shines in the equitation ring. She is comfortable and consistent and memorable. She is a bit of a princess but actually keeps her white coat fairly clean. A very lovely mare to have on our show string.


Basic Scores
Breed Type & General Conformation: 69%
Shoulder & Withers: 57%
Topline & Quarters: 73%
Front Legs: 71%
Correctness of Movement: 55%
Carriage & Elasticity: 98%
Free Jumping: 76%

Dressage Potential
Maximum Level: Second/Third Level (50%)
Maximum Circuit: National (65%)

Show Jumping Potential
Maximum Level: Level 8 (4'9 / 1.45 m Max) (76%)
Maximum Circuit: International (72%)

Hunters Potential
Maximum Level: High Performance Working or Conformation Hunters (82%)
Maximum Circuit: National (64%)

Eventing Potential
Maximum Level: Preliminary or Intermediate (80%)
Maximum Circuit: International (77%)

||Inspections, Performance Tests and Awards||

||Show Record||