Koranthal S

||Pedigree Information||

Endovelicus Von Waagendorf

Silver Diamond Von Waagendorf (offline) Lovisdals Gratis
Weringes Springfling (offline)
Svartbacks Vanadis Voodoo Von Norrholmen
Yolene Von Waagendorf

Keepita Von Waagendorf

Keep On Rockin Independence
Rimini Von Waagendorf W Rotterdam 176

*3rd+ Generation Sim*

Sired by Endovelicus Von Waagendorf, a class 1 Elite stallion who is a very successful grand prix dressage competitor. Endovelicus has won Stallion of the year, Dressage Horse of the year, and Swedish Warmblood of the year in 2014 at SISF, with two other Horse of the Year titles in 2013. Endocelicus is out of Svartbacks Vanadis, a Diploma Elite mare who has successfully won many grand prix dressage classes. Her dam is Yolene Von Waagendorf, another Diploma Elite mare who was a successful dressage conpetitor. Koranthal S is out of Keepita Von Waagendorf a class 1 mare and SISF Junior Champion dressage horse. Keepita von Waagendorf is by Keep On Rockin a class 1 stallion who competed in lower level dressage and show jumping. Keepita Von Waagendorf is out of the lovely mare Rimini Von Waagendorf a Diploma Elite mare who won at the grand prix dressage level to become SISF Hall of Legends titled.


Approved With||Wurttemberger and pending othres
Bred By||Stiernborg
Conditions||Under contract to Stiernborg
Trained In||Dressage


Koranthal S is known around the stable simply as Rant, however its not a name that fits him too well as he is a very lovably guy, and not one to complain or get angry. He is very people oriented and loves to work. He has gorgeous conformation with a terrific trot that is hard to beat. He is a hard working horse who really likes to please. It is possible he got his nickname from his behavior towards other stallions. He is not too keen on other stallions being around and if they get too close he has been known to be a bit aggressive. However he is the utmost gentleman under saddle and in hand so at shows and events the other horses dont seem to bother him. He just isnt the type that wants to be out to pasture with a bunch of other stallions.


||Inspections, Performance Tests and Awards||

SISF Assessment
Breed and Sex Type: 9/10 pts.
Head, Neck, and Body: 9/10 pts.
Limbs: 8/10 pts.
Movement Mechanics in walk: 8/10 pts.
Movement Mechanics in trot: 9/10 pts.
Diploma ~ 43/50 pts.

This stallion has earned a Bronze Premium at the All Sim Evaluation Station.

||Show Record||