Ehndeavor VE

Ehrendour VE -Lebensgefahr - Herbsttanzer 2016 Brown (AtaEE) Westphalian Stallion standing 17.0hh


Bred by Vollmond Elite
Competing in|| Dressage
coming soon!

Conditions Include|| under contract to Vollmond Elite

||Breeding Information and Progeny||

Not Available for Breeding

Approved to Breed Westphalian

||Pedigree Information||

Ehrendour VE

Ehrentach Ehrentusch
Pretty Darling
Romadone Romadour II

Nordic Marry The Night N

Lebensgefahr SCN Wassiac
Caitlin LW
AD Hecqal (sim) Herbsttanzer
Adrianna HIR

*3rd Generation Sim*

Sired by ASDA Premium Approved HOF stallion Ehrendour VE who is also premium westphalian approved through the SHA. Ehndeavor VE is out of the ASDA HoF mare Nordic Marry The Night N.

||Inspections, Performance Tests and Awards||

This colt has earned a Premier Rating at the All Sim Evaluation Station.

||Show Record||