Valerious VE

||Pedigree Information||

W. Valentino

Utsiktens Van Helsing SCN Poltergeist
SCN Delilah
Svartbacks Medusa k Saint Tropez
Lovisdals Lucretia

USA Crohns Disease

Vinterheds Mash Up Xavier Overby
SNH Jacqueline
Junibackens Yesenia NDC Poetry In Motion
SCN Poetry In Motion

*5th+ Generation Sim*

Sired by Klass 1 rated stallion W. Valentino an ASJA World Champion. W. Valentino is by the Diploma Utsiktens Van Helsing, who earned his AB premium. Utsiktens Van Helsing has earned the title of SISF Hall Of Fame Show jumping Champion. Van Helsing competed to grand prix in show jumping and also earned the titles of UAR Miniature Dressage, UAR Miniature All Around, and UAR Miniature Eventing Champion. W. Valentino is out of Svartbäck Medusa, a class 1, B premiered mare who has competed successfully to intermediare II in dressage as well as 1.5m in show jumping. Medusa is by k Saint Tropez a bucksin colored class 1 Elite stallion. k Saint Tropez competed to the CNC** level in eventing earning almost 700 SISF points. Valerious VE is out of USA Crohns Disease who is also a Klass 1 rated sport horse.


Breed||Swedish Warmblood
Approved With||Swedish and Finnish Warmblood
Bred By||Vollmond Elite
Conditions||Under Contract to Vollmond Elite
Trained In||Show Jumping


Was originally sold to Utsikten but is now back at Vollmond Elite.


||Inspections, Performance Tests and Awards||

||Show Record||