Thoroughbed Eventing Competitors

Aberada x Seacoast Diamond
2009 16.2hh Thoroughbred Mare

Aberlou x Dorada
1997 16.1hh Thoroughbred Stallion

Aberlon MP
Aberada x Bouvardia
2005 16.3hh Thoroughbred Stallion

Alabalou MP
Aberada x Mind Game
2003 16.1hh Thoroughbred Stallion

Albanys Billionaire
Razillion x Proximity
2006 16.3hh Thoroughbred Stallion

Broken Hearted
Show A Heart x Breakaway
2010 15.3hh Thoroughbred Mare

Ever After
Crash Course x Faerie Tale Ending
2008 16.3hh Thoroughbred Stallion

Faerie Tale Ending
Primitive Faerie Tale x Chestry Oak
2002 16.3hh Thoroughbred Mare

HPS Miss Hunter
Bounty Hunter x HPS Miss Ruler
2000 16.3hh Thoroughbred Mare

In De Element
2x HOTY RHOTY Natural Element x Dewilderness
2007 16.3hh Thoroughbred Stallion

Ivy League
Revolution x High Society
2003 16.1hh Thoroughbred Mare

Ben Faerie x Silky Baby
1996 16.3hh Thoroughbred Stallion

KS Crazy Cat
RHOTY Ludicrous x Silver Cat (sim)
2008 16.1hh Thoroughbred Stallion

Mandalay Bay
Sunsetting Bay (sim) x Mandalay Sundae (sim)
2003 15.1hh Thoroughbred Mare

Marqued By Desire
Marqued Delight (sim) x All That Glitters
2006 16.2hh Thoroughbred Stallion

Mona Lisa
Petard x Blue Eyed Lady
2006 16.0hh Thoroughbred Mare

MP Girl On Fire
Javelot x Golden Wish
2012 Oldenburg Thoroughbred Mare

MP Itwas Alla Dream
Accondy x Material Girl
2006 16.3hh Thoroughbred Stallion

MP Vasari
Aberada x Mona Lisa
2010 16.0hh Thoroughbred Mare

Starcraft x Urban Sea
2009 16.2hh Thoroughbred Stallion

Sight Me In MP
Aberada x Sunday Sky
2005 16.3hh Thoroughbred Mare

SS Country River
This River Runs x Country Dreams
2002 16.1hh Thoroughbred Stallion

Tell The Truth
Salute The Dance x Brilliant Summer
2003 16.0hh Thoroughbred Mare

Uncharted QI
Chance Of Rain x A Likely Story
2008 16.2hh Thoroughbred Mare

Western Glitter
Javelot x All That Glitters
2007 16.2hh Thoroughbred Mare

WFF Merrymint
Always Minty x Frolic Ring
2006 17.0hh Thoroughbred Mare

Sakura Bakushin O x Baby Zip
2009 17.1hh Thoroughbred Stallion