Dahabu Elipsa

EC Cryptovision++

Crypt Of The Sun++++ Encrypted
Berry Sunshine
Bazira M++ BT Ecstacy+//

Dahabu Edyta++++/

Weinrich J++++// Republyk
ISG World Ch.
BT Emilacj++++/ *Census++++//
BT Erykah+//

||Pedigree Information||

Elipsa is by our stallion EC Cryptovision an accomplished western pleasure stallion with all the presence needed to become a star. EC Cryptovision is by the gorgeous chestnut stallion Crypt Of The Sun who has his Legion of Supreme Merit Title also competing in Western Pleasure and sidesaddle. Crypt Of The Sun is by the Legendary sim horse Encrypted, who competes now in hunter pleasure and western pleasure and has been competitive for years. EC Cryptovision's dam is the 2010 Tulip Cup International Champion Jr Mare, Bazira M and she also competes in western pleasure and sidesaddle and is sired by BT Ecstacy. BT Ecstasy has earned his Legion of Supreme Merit and is a sucessful sire who competes in dressage. BT Ecstasy is by the infamous sim stallion, Blow. Blow is an AHAC nominated stallion and Legion of Fame titled show champion owned by Blackthorn Hills Farm. He is not only impressive in the show ring but has proven equally amazing in the breeding shed. BT Ecstacy's dam is the Legion of Merit mare Eurficyt who also competes in dressage. Bazira M's dam is the stunning black mare, Borszar who earned her Legion of Merit title but has produced several very impressive and sucessful show horses one earning over 900pts in the AHAC and another over 1500pts in the AHAC and counting. Elipsa's dam is Dahabu Edyta who is a great show horse competing in western pleasure, hunter pleasure and trail. Dahabu Edyta has reached her Legion of Supreme Excellence and is not only a AHAC nominated entry but also an AHAC nominated Mare! Dahabu Edyta is by the well known AHAC nominated stallion Weinrich J, who has reached his Legion of Supreme Masters competing in western pleasure, trail, and ladies western sidesaddle. Weinrich J is the product of two ISG horses, his sire being an ISG World Champion and his dam an ISG Champion. Dahabu Edyta's dam is the talented BT Emilacj++++/ who is also an AHAC nominated mare and very successful competing in dressage and jumping. BT Emilacj is by the great Legion of Supreme Masters sporthorse stallion *Census and out of the mare BT Erykah who is a daughter of the legendary AHAC Hall of Fame stallion Atticus. BT Erykah's dam is the wonderful Farion Rafaar. Dahabu Elipsa's bloodlines are incredible and carry some of the best western pleasure and sporthorse competitors in the AHAC. She comes from a very successful dam line and should out produce herself.


DOB|| January 1, 2012
Breed|| Polish Arabian
Height|| 152cm or just shy of 15.0hh
Color|| Bay
Gender|| Mare
Bred By|| Dahabu Arabians
Conditions|| Page url, Buybacks, Reclaim Rights to Sanna and Show Requirements with the AHAC
Trained In|| Halter


Elipsa has a bit of a firey temperment similar to not only her sire, but her granddam as well. As a young foal, she loves to take advantage of any situation she can so her handlers have to watch her very closely. Often she confuses work time for playtime but we feel she will grow out of this in time. She does love attention and to be worked with even when she is a bit too excited to get much done. She is full of talent though and at this point we are not even quite sure what she will specialize in. She has some of the best sporthorse bloodlines out there and with all her energy she would be a great jumper, however her sire and dam are lovely western pleasure horses which she is proving to have plenty of talent for as well. We will see as she progresses but will most likely be trained in western pleasure.

||Show Highlights||

National Champion Most Classic Filly at Jordan Natnl Champshps
Champion Classic Head Fillies at Sharjah 12'



||Show Record||
AHAC Points||138

Year Place Show Class
2013CHJordan National ChampionshipsMost Classic Filly
2012CHSharjahClassic Head Fillies
2013TTBuckeyeMost Classic Filly
2013TTOrientalicaMost Classic Filly
2013TT BT Dabrowka Arabian ClassicMost Classic Filly
2013TTUS NationalsMost Classic Filly
2013TTCasino Cup AustriaYearling Fillies
2013TTSiciliy International ShowYearling Fillies
2013TTUnited Arab Emirates NationalsYearling Fillies
2013TTLI Warszawa EventMost Classic Filly
2013TTLI Warszawa EventYearling Fillies
2013TTRegion I ChampionshipsYearling Fillies
2013TTLI Valentine ClassicYearling Fillies
2013TTLI Sweetheart ClassicClassic Head Fillies
2012TTSalon du ChevalMost Classic Filly
2012TTKuwait National ChampionshipsWeanling Fillies
2012TTIsraeli NationalsMost Classic Filly
2012TTNorwegian National ChampionshipsClassic Head Fillies
2012TTMiddle East ChampionshipsMost Classic Filly
2012TTMiddle East ChampionshipsClassic Head Fillies
2012TTPride of PolandClassic Head Fillies