Vollmond Stud Station

Vollmond Stud Station was established in 2012 when it became apparant that Vollmond Elite was in great need of high quality performance stallions. Vollmond Stud Station was then created to fit all the warmblood breeding needs of the sim world. We started with focusing on dressage bred stallions however we have now expanded to include show jumpers, event horses and hunters to our line up. Vollmond Stud Station is the premiere breeding operation for Vollmond Eilte horses. The Stud Station is a first class stallion management facility offering full scale breeding and mare care. All of the stallions standing at our stud are hand chosen for their impeccable proven r/l and sim bloodlines as well as their talent for their sport and ability to reproduce the chosen attributes in their offspring. We only stand the finest quality stallions and breed with calculated attention to detail when choosing a mare and stallion. Horses from Vollmond Elite who have proven themselves a valuable member to their sport and breed will be brought to Vollmond Stud Station upon their retirement in order to further their legacy. In addition, many of the competition stallions from Vollmond Elite will make visits to the Stud and are available to a limited amount of mares each year.

We have three full time trainers focusing each on a different aspect of the Station. Mark Heidelburg our lead dressage trainer is responsible for the under saddle training and showing of all the stallions here at the Stud. Serena Koertig is responsible for all the initial foal training and breaking in of the young horses bred here at the Stud. Finally, Will Roswell is our lead in hand trainer and stallion manager, responsible for training and ensuring proper handling of all the stallions stationed here. Our stable is built to house over 50 stallions in the main barn which boasts large 15x15 padded stalls each with attached paddocks. All stallion paddocks and pastures are enclosed in 15' stallion proof fencing. We also have two walled paddocks and enclosed stalls at each end of the stable for those stallions who have behavioral issues. Our broodmare herd is located on the far side of the property so as not to distract any stallions, and includes a full ai vet center with full surgery room for any complications during foaling. We also have a vet onsite at all times to service the stallions, mares, and youngstock here. We are opened to stand outside stallions and for inqueries on how to feature your stallion at the stud please pm Shay at SAI Farms Board. Mares are also welcomed for overnight to long term boarding when being bred by our stallions.

At Vollmond Stud Station we show our stallions in a number of associations. Currently we are focusing on dressage and soon maybe adding show jumping. Our Stallions are showing in the All Sim Warmblood Association, All Sim Dressage Association, and the All Sim Sport Horse Association. As more and more association come into existance we may be adding more and more to our list. Our Stallions are very actively shown in all thier associations. This is to ensure the stallions that stand here are high quality, winning performance horses in their selected field. We are breeding for the ultra talented show horse, not your typical amatuers or beginners horse. For this reason we prefer our stallions to be able to perform to the highest levels. This way you know what your future prospect is capable of and exactly what you are breeding to.

||Breeding Contract||
Stallions at stud are subject to Vollmond Elite's Breeding Contract. It reads as follows:
Any horse bred by a Vollmond Elite stallion will be so with the intention that the co-breeder is intending to use the horse in allsim, and only within a sim game if the co-breeder has been given permission. The co-breeder agrees to show the horse in a reasonable manner. An active page url for the resulting foal is required at all times and must be given to Vollmond Elite within one months time since foaling. Stats will be created by the co-breeder and must be approved by Vollmond Elite. Horses stats other than age must remain the same unless the co-breeder has permission by Vollmond Elite staff to change. However horses may be retrained if the purchaser wishes. Any form of aging is acceptable as long as the sire is three years older than the foal and dams are four years older. Vollmond Elite reserves the right to reclaim any horse that is inactive for an extended period of time (ie six months or longer) without a valid notification to Vollmond Elite. We understand vacation, being sick and that life gets in the way so unless the horse is inactive for several months or more you do not need to notify us every time you take a month off.

||Homebred Contract||
A homebred horse is characterized by a horse who has foaled out of a Vollmond Elite mare while the mare is in our ownership. A homebred will be purchased/bred with the intention that the purchaser/co-breeder is intending to use the horse in allsim, and only within a sim game if the purchaser/co-breeder has been given permission. The purchaser/co-breeder agrees to show the horse in a reasonable manner. An active page url for the resulting horse is required at all times and must be given to Vollmond Elite within one months time since foaling/sale. Furthermore, unless otherwise stated all homebreds will have buyback rights in the event the horse ever goes up for sale. Stats will be created by the Vollmond Elite however feel free to notify us any gender/color wishes. Horses stats other than age must remain the same unless the purchaser/co-breeder has permission by Vollmond Elite staff to change. However horses may be retrained if the purchaser wishes. Any form of aging is acceptable as long as the sire is three years older than the foal and dams are four years older. Vollmond Elite reserves the right to reclaim any horse that is inactive for an extended period of time (ie six months or longer) without a valid notification to Vollmond Elite. We understand vacation, being sick and that life gets in the way so unless the horse is inactive for several months or more you do not need to notify us every time you take a month off.

For information on our broodmares please visit our broodmare page here.


NameDOBBreedSireDamOwned By
A Fatal Embrace VE 2005 Dutch Warmblood Vampirical VE Sofietje Vollmond Elite
A Fatal Embrance VE 2005 Dutch WB Vampirical VE Sofeitje Etherealm Inc.
Abalone VE 2010 Harlem Warmblood Aberlon MP Kal Des Cresles Vollmond Elite
Ackzeed VE 2008 Swedish Warmblood Ackzipiter VE Xandra Nereus Riding Center
Ackzeptional VE 2012 Swedish Warmblood Ackzipiter VE Adulation VE Nereus Riding Center
Ackzipiter VE 2005 Swedish Warmblood HOF Ackzent II Fanciable Vollmond Elite
Adulation VE 2004 Swedish Warmblood HOF Admiral Sofietje Vollmond Elite
Advala VE 2009 Dutch Warmblood WPE Viking Well Zozobra VE ?
Affluence VE 2008 Swedish Warmblood Ackzipiter VE Commodore VE Noel of White Oleander Farm under Full Contract
Aimer VE 2009 Selle Francias Doue VE Post Intelligencer Seven Lions Estates
Airess VE 2006 Trakehner Aristocrat Knight++++// Aroyal Vollmond Elite
Alicija MP 2017 Polish Arabian G Arandosz D Avaalanche Cowgirljen of Hofer Stables
All In White VE 2008 Holsteiner Harlem White Fox Sinatra Vollmond Elite
Aloisia VE 2009 Trakehner Benvolio Wv Amalia Vollmond Elite
Amalthea VE 2012 Keystone Warmblood Tangent VE Aerowyn MP Lithium Inc
Amarina VE 2004 PRE Andalusian Excelencia Amarosia Vollmond Elite
Anteros VE 2009 Holsteiner GNs Ares Barrier Joyeux Vollmond Elite
Anzodia VE 2018 Trakehner Silas VE Aloisia VE USA Stables
Arahant VE 2011 Holsteiner WPE Arco Satori VE Vollmond Elite
Arkasha VE 2010 Akhal Teke Agilas Arykha Vollmond Elite
Aruba VE 2009 Harlem Warmblood AE Arael S Firamodor Vollmond Elite
Aryann VE 2011 Keystone Warmblood Nimbus Arykha Vollmond Elite
Asteria VE 2005 Dutch Warmblood Olympus Solivia Vollmond Elite
Asterisk VE 2008 Holsteiner GNs Comet Tail Joyeux Vollmond Elite
Aurora VE 2007 Trakehner Kronzeuge Aroyal Vollmond Elite
Avenara VE 2010 Westphalian Avenarius GN GNs Bellbara Vollmond Elite
Avicus VE 2009 Dutch Warmblood Vampirical VE WPE Seeking Gold ?
Azzurra VE 2008 Holsteiner Lotec Keruclean VE Kaimelstable
Ballerine VE 2011 Selle Francais GNs Grannux Hortense Vollmond Elite
Bam Bam 2000 Westphalian Baloubet Du Rouet Pariona Vollmond Elite
Baronessa VE 2009 Trakehner RGE Cyrano GN MF Baronika Vollmond Elite
Beatrice VE 2011 Selle Francias Thief Of Hearts AES Katriane VE Vollmond Elite
Beaufort VE 2003 Oldenburg Breitante VE Commodore VE no
Beautiful Clarice VE 2018 Swedish Riding Pony AVs Beautiful Disaster Calakmul VE USA Stables
Berkshire 2000 Danish Sport Pony Bolero Petunia Vollmond Elite
Black Velvet VE 2004 Swedish Warmblood Black Raven SUN Tequila Sunrise Vollmond Elite
Bleutal VE 2006 Victorian Warmblood Klaus VE Betalkas Vollmond Elite
Bolivia II VE 2010 Lipizzan Siglavy Cattinara Bolivia Vollmond Elite
Brahma VE 2009 Holsteiner Vitalizer VE Satori VE Blackwell Inc.
Brasilia VE 2009 Oldenburg Buenos Aires VE Venturi Noel of White Oleander Farm under Full Contract
Breilliante VE 2007 Oldenburg Breitante VE Fanciable Vollmond Elite
Breitage VE 2005 Hanoverian Breitante VE Domaja Vollmond Elite
Breitonner VE 2011 Oldenburg Breitante VE Donnerhope Lin Ryder of Autumn Wood Farms under Full Contract
Brielle VE 2011 Selle Francias Harlem Toulouse Faustine Vollmond Elite
Bring It On VE 2006 Dutch Warmblood Omari Casey Solivia Vollmond Elite
Briseis VE 2007 Holsteiner Olympus Carlonia Vollmond Elite
Brizo VE 2006 Dutch Warmblood Olympus Valor Vollmond Elite
Buenos Aires VE 2006 Oldenburg GNs Belfalas SP Malibu Vollmond Elite
Bursiris VE 2006 Dutch Warmblood Olympus Sofietje Kaimel Stables
Cabaret 2001 Danish Sport Pony Broadway (Elite) Majbritt Af Barkaergaard Vollmond Elite
Cadane VE 2010 Holsteiner VE Capella Z Sinatra Cedar Oak Farms
Caliente VE 2014 Hanoverian Calimero Styria Vollmond Elite
Calina VE 2009 Akhal Teke Kivvia Chama Vollmond Elite
Calligraphy 2003 Holsteiner Challenger Edessia Vollmond Elite
Camelot VE 2009 Victorian Warmblood MF Carolus Luvella Wv Vollmond Elite
Carnival Heights VE 2014 Irish Sport Horse Carnival Cruise MP Countess Heights Evergreen Inc
Carnival Miracle VE 2011 Irish Sport Horse Carnival Cruise Apparatus MP Sportpferde Winter
Carnival Miracle VE 2011 Irish Sport Horse Carnival Cruise MP Apparate MP Vollmond Elite
Casse Cou Z 2007 Zangersheid Capella VE Altaira Z Vollmond Elite
Catherine VE 2007 Dutch Warmblood Vampirical VE WPE Seeking Gold Kaimel Stables
Caylani VE 2009 Hanoverian Cayoun SD Kritique VE Vollmond Elite
Centurion VE 2012 Holsteiner Chiron VE Faustine Vollmond Elite
Cerridwyn VE 2010 Victorian Warmblood Conversano Cariñosa FW MF Baronika Vollmond Elite
Charger VE 1993 Holsteiner Challenger Vedette Vollmond Elite
Chastity VE 2014 Victorian WB Camelot VE Cerridwyn VE Norrby Inc
Cherie VE 2010 Holsteiner Chiron VE WPE Chanel Vollmond Elite
ChiChi VE 2011 Hanoverian Carisso FH Everglade SF Nereus Riding Center
Chiron VE 2007 Holsteiner GNs Comet Tail Calligraphy Vollmond Elite
Clouded VE 2007 Victorian Warmblood Plastic Cup Politics Jandara II Vollmond Elite
Coastal Craze VE 2012 Irish Sport Horse KS Crazy Cat Seacoast Diamond Foxtail Estate
Constantine VE 2011 Hanoverian Carisso FH Sesto Elemento VE Vollmond Elite
Continuum VE 2012 Swedish Warmblood Wildberrys Contino Xandra Vollmond Elite
Conversano Jandara 2011 Lipizzan Conversano Montana Jandara Vollmond Elite
Corleona 2002 Westphalian Cornet Obolensky Acobata Vollmond Elite
Corvette VE 2013 Swedish Warmblood HoF Camaro Af Luminess Tantra VE Vollmond Elite
Corzo VE 2011 Swedish Warmblood CI Purple Heart Tequila Sunrise Nereus Riding Center
Counting Cards VE 2012 Welsh Sec B KS Dealers Choice KS My Fair Lady Elysian Fields
Country Gal 2013 Irish Sport Horse WFF Donegal Country Bluegrass MP Vollmond Elite
Cristal VE 2009 PRE Andalusian IHoF WPE Champagne II Amarina VE Vollmond Elite
Damon VE 2008 Dutch Warmblood Vampirical VE Sofietje Westveil Estate
Dancing In Magic VE 2010 Knabstrupper Pony Magic Dancer Karina Vollmond Elite
Darla VE 2005 Knabstrupper Pony Aastrupgaards Odin Darleen Vom Nordstern Vollmond Elite
Darling VE 2013 Knabstrupper Pony Dancing In Magic VE Darla VE Quantum International
Davenport 2006 Dutch Riding Pony Orchard Davranches Vita Novas Davarona Vollmond Elite
Debonaire VE 2005 Oldenburg Dior Brilluet VE Vollmond Elite
Delamotte VE 2010 Hanoverian Dom Perignon VE Quiukstep VE Vollmond Elite
Denali VE 2007 Hanoverian RGE Denaro SD Ehlenour VE Vollmond Elite
Devereaux VE 2003 Hanoverian Dollfuß ZL Waltzart VE Vollmond Elite
Devon VE 2008 Dutch Warmblood LL Thaddos Valor Vollmond Elite
Devoted VE 2011 Swedish Warmblood HoL WPE Donotello Adulation VE Vollmond Elite
Diamant Bleu VE 2016 Hanoverian Dom Perignon VE EH High Velocity Vollmond Elite
Dilettante VE 2008 Dutch Warmblood Grand Affair TCSA Arts Littlest Viola Vollmond Elite
Dima Dozen VE 2006 Selle Francias Doue VE Keruclean VE Lindenhof
Dior 2002 Hanoverian Dimaggio Seneta Vollmond Elite
Diorissimo VE 2008 Oldenburg Dior Golden Wish ?
Disneyland VE 2012 Finnish Warmblood Delightful Af Luminess U Molly Vollmond Elite
Dolce VE 2009 Oldenburg Dior Malibu Vollmond Elite
Domittille VE 2013 Selle Francias GNs Grannux Faustine Starfire Inc
Domus Aurea VE 2008 Hanoverian Dom Perignon VE Gallardo Ravette of Winchester Inc. under full contract
Dystopia VE 2007 Swedish Warmblood W Clockwork Orange Xandra Vollmond Elite
Ehlenour VE 1999 Westphalian Ehrendour VE Argenta VE Vollmond Elite
Ehllen VE 2006 Westphalian Ehrendour VE Argenta ?
Ehndeavor VE 2016 Westphalian Ehrendour VE Nordic Marry The Night N Vollmond Elite
Ehrendour VE 1996 Westphalian Ehrentach Romadone Vollmond Elite
Endour VE 2012 Westphalian Ehrendour VE GNs Bellbara Kaimel Stables
Enriched VE 2010 Hanoverian GNs Experte Dietricha Roooxy of Fuerstenwald under full contract
Etteille VE 2001 Keystone Warmblood Reveille Suette Vollmond Elite
Everclear VE 2009 Dutch Warmblood Vertigo G Tanqueray Vollmond Elite
Evernight VE 2012 Holsteiner Denver Boy MW WPE Augustine Gestuet Rheinau
Exceptional VE 2006 Hanoverian GNs Experte Gallardo Vollmond Elite
Expertise VE 2012 Hanoverian GNs Experte Tulane Sw Tuaisceart Stud
Ezpurr MP 2012 Anglo Arabian MP Ezpionage Esmeralda Mor-Glo Meadows
Faerly Blue VE 2005 Irish Sport Horse Javelot Blue Clover Nereus Riding Center
Fanciable 2000 Zweibruker Rhubarb I Frannke Vollmond Elite
Fandango VE 2009 Oldenburg Olympus Inspire Me Vollmond Elite
Favorite Romance VE 2014 Holsteiner WPE Smooth Romance Satori VE Vollmond Elite
Favory Betalkas 2008 Lipizzan Favory Sistina Betalkas Vollmond Elite
Fendi VE 2010 Dutch Warmblood Beregond KS Apsiring Artist Vollmond Elite
Ferrari VE 2010 Brandenburg WI Faience Gallardo Vollmond Elite
Festivus VE 2010 Dutch Warmblood WPE Viking Well Zozobra VE Elysian Fields
First Frost VE 2015 Hanoverian Foxhound Gallardo Kaimel Stables
Forever On Top VE 2010 Dutch Warmblood Always On Top Tanqueray Vollmond Elite
Foxheart VE 2015 Hanoverian EH Foxtrot Classics Breeze of Life DC Vollmond Elite
Freelance VE 2007 Dutch Warmblood Foxhound Solivia Vollmond Elite
Freemont VE 2015 Hanoverian Foxhound Waltzart Laura of Deckstation Avon
Fresco VE 2008 Dutch Warmblood HOL WFF Grand Gesture KS Aspiring Artist Vollmond Elite
Fritzi VE 2007 Hanoverian Foxhound Sofietje Westveil Estate
Fuerst Lotus VE 2013 Hanoverian Heavens Lotus Breitage VE Vollmond Elite
Fuerstdance VE 2009 Hanoverian Fuerstenten VE Waltzart VE Nereus Riding Center
Fuerstengoal VE 2006 Hanoverian Fuerstenten VE Voodoo VE Vollmond Elite
Fuerstenline VE 2014 Hanoverian Fuerstenten VE Ottelein Laura of Deckstation Avon
Fuerstenten VE 2002 Hanoverian Flaviato Domaja Vollmond Elite
Fuerstin Class VE 2015 Hanoverian Fuerstenten VE Ottelien ?
Galactic Myst VE 2009 Harlem Warmblood Mystthetrain xx Galexy Vollmond Elite
Galexy 2000 Trakehner Tuareg Galina II ox Vollmond Elite
Gambling Chance VE 2011 Dutch Warmblood KS Chance Encounter Zozobra VE Vollmond Elite
Garavani VE 2015 Holsteiner Lotec Sinatra ?
Gaudi VE 2011 Dutch Warmblood Foxhound KS Aspiring Artist Caughey Inc.
Generalissimus Altona 2010 Kladruber Generalissimus Alta XLIII 303 Enea Vollmond Elite
Geologist VE 2010 Irish Sport Horse Pride Rock VE HPS Miss Hunter Windfield Farm
Giselle 1994 Selle Francias Narcos II Quessy Les Herbier Vollmond Elite
Godelieve VE 2011 Dutch Warmblood WPE Victorious Brechtje RFS Vollmond Elite
Grand Marnier VE 2016 Selle Francais GNs Grannux Faustine Vollmond Elite
Habika VE 2012 Dutch Warmblood Vampirical VE Brizo VE Kaimel Stables
Hail The Dhark VE 2010 Trakehner (Arabian WB) Dhark Dhestiny Harelda Vollmond Elite
Hampton VE 2012 Dutch Warmblood IHoF Morgensterns Gastheer Wiccan VE Vollmond Elite
Harley VE 2008 Trakehner Harlem Proton Harelda Vollmond Elite
Harlow VE 2013 Victorian Warmblood MF Carolus Harmonious VE Vollmond Elite
Harmonious VE 2006 Trakehner Klaus VE Harelda Vollmond Elite
Harmony De Coeur VE 2013 Trakehner Kilan Coeur MW Harmonious VE Vollmond Elite
Heian VE 2012 Dutch Warmblood Shogun TCSA Arts Littlest Viola Vollmond Elite
Hera VE 2016 Hoslteiner Foxhound Brieseis VE Vollmond Elite
Herzenslust VE 2007 Trakehner Dws Glücksstern DF Harelda Vollmond Elite
Hestia VE 2012 Dutch Warmblood Olympus Ottelien Meaghan of Winterberry Pine Estate
High Sparrow 2011 Irish Sport Horse WFF High Septon Highland Dawn Rising Sun Stables
Highest Class VE 2012 Dutch Warmblood Touch Of Class Freelance VE Vollmond Elite
Hilton VE 2014 Harlem Warmblood Rycroft SF Honorable Fortune AES Vollmond Elite
Hirune VE 2008 PRE Andalusian Hermosillo SF Amarina VE Vollmond Elite
Holy Grail VE 2010 Irish Sport Horse PS Bold N Holy Diamond Cruise Vollmond Elite
Huntress VE 2018 Irish Sport Horse Hunting Season MP Country Gal Rising Sun Stables
Hurao 2000 Akhal Teke Sugun Hvoja Vollmond Elite
Hypnotiq VE 2012 Dutch Warmblood Everclear VE Brechtje RFS Windfield Farm
Iaunuali VE 2002 Keystone Warmblood Taetiet Molokai Vollmond Elite
Illuminated VE 2009 Trakehner Nussknacker Ivy League Vollmond Elite
In A Dream VE 2013 Dutch Warmblood SM Dreaming Serenade KS Aspiring Artist Vollmond Elite
Izzatiri VE 2015 Keystone WB Yahtzee MP S Sridevi Windfield Farm
Jandara II 2003 Lipizzan Maestoso Samira Jandara Vollmond Elite
Jasper Hale VE 2009 Dutch Warmblood Vampirical Valor Vollmond Elite
Jazz Step VE 2011 Hanoverian GNs Jazzman Quickstep VE Vollmond Elite
Jive VE 2007 Hanoverian WI Jussive Quickstep VE Vollmond Elite
Journey VE 2004 Swedish Warmblood HoF USA Detroit Ottelien Vollmond Elite
Kal Des Cresles 1998 Selle Francias Kal Azar ox Vensie Des Cresles Vollmond Elite
Kambridge VE 2007 Harlem Warmblood Abridged xx Kendra Vollmond Elite
Karpo VE 2015 Dutch Warmblood Olympus Remantra Vollmond Elite
Katrijn VE 2014 Dutch Warmblood WPE Viking Well KS Aspiring Artist ?
Kendra 2002 Trakehner Sheik Mandu ox St. Pr. St. Elite Kandra Vollmond Elite
Keyona VE 2012 Harlem Warmblood Demon Hunter MP Kal Des Cresles Maghara Arabians
Laelona VE 2010 Oldenburg FH Leandro SD NRC Michaela Rising Sun Stables
Laertes VE 2016 Dutch Warmblood Olympus Sofietje Vollmond Elite
Lamborghini VE 2013 Oldenburg Olympus Gallardo Autmn Wood Farms
Langolier VE 2012 Oldenburg Legolas VE Rohssina Vollmond Elite
Lanre VE 2008 Keystone WB CI Akial S Sridevi Westveil Estate
Last Dance VE 2009 Holsteiner Lotec Sinatra ?
Lavelle VE 2016 Dutch Warmblood Mr Voltaire GN A Fatal Embrace VE Vollmond Elite
Lavolta VE 2010 Hanoverian Lancaster VE Quickstep VE Whitewood Inc
Legolas VE 2008 Oldenburg HOTY HOF Lord Tanz Inspire Me Vollmond Elite
Likely Story VE 2012 Westphalian Lissoni Silvago VE Vollmond Elite
Lilac VE 2005 Swedish Warmblood CI Purple Heart Tequila Sunrise Vollmond Elite
Lorelei VE 2011 Oldenburg Legolas VE Sofietje Elysian Fields
Lotec 2005 Holsteiner Lizarro Darca Vollmond Elite
Lotte Nordic 2005 Nordic Sporthorse Lokki Apostle Vollmond Elite
Lovebird VE 2008 Swedish Warmblood Utsiktens Lumberjack Black Velvet VE Vollmond Elite
Loviise VE 2004 Swedish Warmblood Lincoln Von Waagendorf Ehlenour VE Vollmond Elite
Luminar VE 2016 Dutch Warmblood WPE Poker Night Ottelien Vollmond Elite
Macaraena MP 2013 Akhal Teke S Mulge S Macadamia Whitewood Inc
Maravillosa VE 2021 Andalusian Caballos Serenidad Amarina VE Vollmond Elite
Mint A New World VE 2019 Irish Sport Horse Mint Julep MP WFF Gardenia Rising Sun Stables
Mozarts Muse VE 2013 Swedish Warmblood Mozart Von Waagendorf Xandra Vollmond Elite
My Wish VE 2011 Arabian Warmblood G Arandosz Golden Wish SAI
Next Phase VE 2011 Westphalian Nimbus Solstice Season VE Whitewood Inc
Nirvana VE 2012 Westphalian Nimbus Lilith Fair GN Kaimel Stables
Nobodys Fool VE 2011 Westphalian MC Nobodys Perfect GW Lilith Fair GN Vollmond Elite
Northern Lights VE 2013 Westphalian Nimbus Solstice Season VE Ravette of Winchester Inc. under full contract
Novus VE 2012 Holsteiner Nimbus Asterisk VE Vollmond Elite
Obliviate VE 2015 Swedish Warmblood WPE Oblivion Xandra Vollmond Elite
Oktoberfest 2002 Selle Francias Pigale ox Bakala Vollmond Elite
Olympus 2001 Oldenburg Olympic Ferro World Class Vollmond Elite
Oracle VE 2004 Keystone Warmblood Ehrentach Hurao Vollmond Elite
Oriel VE 2011 Akhal Teke Osiris BHE Hurao Vollmond Elite
Orlaith VE 2015 Irish Sport Horse Opium Pride Serlait Lithium Inc
Ottelien 1996 Dutch Warmblood Rhubarb Lucienne Vollmond Elite
Ozette VE 2002 Selle Francias Doue VE Katriane VE Vollmond Elite
Paeonia VE 2010 Trakehner Orion Patagonia Vollmond Elite
Patagonia 2007 Trakehner Is Orlow ox Petunia Vollmond Elite
Pixzar VE 2012 Harlem Warmblood HOF Xzibit CH Patagonia Vollmond Elite
Poinsettia Punch VE 2015 Swedish Warmblood U Pom Pon Tequila Sunrise Vollmond Elite
Poppy Garden VE 2007 Irish Draught Opium Pride Seacoast Diamond Windfield Farm
Porche VE 2009 Knabstrupper Pony Mads Af Mesballe Dorte Vom Nordstern Vollmond Elite
Portofino VE 2015 Oldenburg Buenos Aires VE Paradigm ?
Portwill VE 2013 German Riding Pony Davenport Willow USA Stables
Post Intelligencer 2003 Selle Francias Sadepers ox Elvira Mail Vollmond Elite
Precipice VE 2006 Westphalian Preamble Corleona Vollmond Elite
Pride Rock VE 2003 Irish Draught Opium Pride Hardrock Vollmond Elite
Primadonna VE 2011 Westphalian Nimbus Picture Perfect Southern Acres Inc
Princess Juliet 2007 Dutch Riding Pony Veronas Bo Gi Wengelos Queeny Vollmond Elite
Promise Me Forever 2008 Danish Sport Pony Coelenhags Promise Keur Pref Prest Molenhorns Julia Vollmond Elite
Propel VE 1997 Dutch Warmblood Merlin Lucienne Vollmond Elite
Publicity VE 2015 Swedish Warmblood WPE Priority Vulcan VE Vollmond Elite
Quartervois VE 2014 Brandenburg Quartet VE Ferrari VE Evergreen Inc.
Quartier VE 2015 Oldenburg Quartet VE Inspire Me ?
Quatrain VE 2004 Westphalian Quartermaster Preyer Vollmond Elite
Quickstep VE 2003 Hanoverian Quartermaster Rairante Vollmond Elite
Quintessential 2004 Selle Francias Ismael D Aubanel ox Toscane Delle Vollmond Elite
Quota VE 2008 Oldenburg Quartet VE Starfire Inc
Rain City Redemption VE 2011 Trakehner Burealys GN Rainshadow GN Crimson Trail
Rain Or Shine VE 2015 Trakehner Malusco GW Rainshadow GN Vollmond Elite
Rainbows N Roses VE 2010 Trakehner Burealys GN Rainshadow GN Gestuet Johannsen
Rapture VE 2011 Hanoverian Romani Sw MP Ballymore Vollmond Elite
Rasteau VE 2011 Hanoverian Reisling VE Esme Sw Vollmond Elite
Red Zone VE 2012 Irish Sport Horse Red Corvette Sw Countess Heights Vollmond Elite
Reinhilde VE 2014 Hanoverian Reisiliant VE Kritique VE Vollmond Elite
Reisen VE 2015 Hanoverian Reisiliant VE Donnerhope ?
Reislind VE 2013 Hanoverian Reisiliant VE Devereaux VE Turnierstall Johannsen
Revolt VE 2004 Westphalian Reveille Romadone Vollmond Elite
Rhumba VE 2006 Hanoverian Reisiliant VE Waltzart VE Nessa of Nereus Riding Center
Ring Christmas Bells VE 2015 Swedish Warmblood U Ring of Fire Devoted VE Nereus Riding Center
Rochambeaux VE 2011 Finnish Warmblood Rock N Rumble Quantum VE Vollmond Elite
Rosado VE 2009 Hanoverian Reisling VE Quickstep VE Westveil Estate
Roseart VE 2015 Hanoverian Reisling VE Waltzart VE Vollmond Elite
Samvara VE 2011 Wurttemberg HoL GNs Samwise Says RSs Katniss Vollmond Elite
Sansa Du Theillet 2006 Selle Francias Arioso Du Theillet Jacarilla Verte Vollmond Elite
Santeria VE 2005 Westphalian Sir Elias SD Ehlenour VE Vollmond Elite
Santolina VE 2018 Oldenburg Selected VE KHR Santa Zita RB Ängfrid of Stall Vida Horisant
Selected VE 2009 Oldenburg Scaramanga SD Donnerhope Vollmond Elite
Sephora VE 2008 Hanoverian HoF Mius Skartaris GN Quickstep VE Vollmond Elite
Sesto Elemento VE 2006 Hanoverian Salieri Gallardo Vollmond Elite
Silas VE 2006 Trakehner Klaus VE Silvercloud Vollmond Elite
Sinatra 2004 Holsteiner Carat Prada Vollmond Elite
Skybound VE 2013 Swedish Warmblood USA Skywalker WPE Gimmick Vollmond Elite
Skyrim VE 2011 Swedish Warmblood WPE Oblivion WPE Gimmick Vollmond Elite
Sleigh Ride VE 2008 Trakehner HoL Scarlet Carson Wv Silvercloud Vollmond Elite
Snowdrop VE 2008 ISH MP Snap Dragon Diamond Cruise Nereus Riding Center
Solstice Season VE 2006 Westphalian Special Season RFS Carlonia Vollmond Elite
Sonechka VE 2010 Akhal Teke Makari Suette Vollmond Elite
Stardom VE 2015 Hanoverian RHOTY GNs Star Appeal Sofietje Vollmond Elite
Starelle 1991 Trakehner Gharib ox Stradelle Vollmond Elite
Stiletto VE 2016 Swedish Warmblood Stilton E Xandra Vollmond Elite
Sunaylani VE 2013 Hanoverian EH Sable Demon Caylani VE Rising Sun Stables
Symbolic VE 2012 Westphalian RBs Santango SW Seashells K Vollmond Elite
Tallea VE 2007 Selle Francias Malin AES Kal Des Cresles Vollmond Elite
Talon VE 2006 Trakehner Burke Teeki Vollmond Elite
Tangent VE 2009 Keystone Warmblood Argent Basak Vollmond Elite
Tanqueray 2000 Dutch Warmblood Preamble TCSA Arts Littlest Viola Vollmond Elite
Tantra VE 2003 Swedish Warmblood USA Memphis Xandra Vollmond Elite
Tatiette VE 2007 Selle Francias SS Napoleon Hortense Vollmond Elite
Teeki 2001 Trakehner Dschehim ox Tekoa Vollmond Elite
Tenhi VE 2016 Swedish Warmblood Svartbäcks Tengil Donnerhope Vollmond Elite
The Mockingjay VE 2012 Oldenburg Olympus Inspire Me Vollmond Elite
The Song Of Sorrow VE 2009 Westphalian MC Niebelungenheld Keruclean VE Vollmond Elite
Tribune VE 2007 Selle Francais Lysander T Post Intelligencer Vollmond Elite
Tribute VE 2007 Selle Francias GNs Grannux Ozette VE Lindenhof
Tribute VE 2007 Trakehner Memorial SF Teeki Southern Acres Inc
Tristle VE 2008 Victorian Warmblood Neapolitano Tristan Wv Apostle Vollmond Elite
Undeniable VE 2008 Selle Francias Narcissus Quintessential Vollmond Elite
Unique VE 2008 Selle Francias FJG Rodrique Hortense Vollmond Elite
Urban Beat VE 2008 Selle Francias Doue VE Altaira Z Eva of Sportpferde Redbird under full contract
Utopian VE 2008 Selle Francias Omen Giselle Vollmond Elite
Valencio VE 2012 Swedish Warmblood W Valentino Tequila Sunrise Evergreen Inc
Valerian VE 2009 Selle Francias Rousant Oktoberfest Vollmond Elite
Valerious VE 2013 Swedish Warmblood W. Valentino USA Crohns Disease Vollmond Elite
Vanquish 1998 Danish Sport Pony Vita Novas Golden Boris Majse Vollmond Elite
Vava Voom VE 2010 Hanoverian MS Vermando Kritique VE Vollmond Elite
VE Bora Bora Z 2012 Zangersheide Boromir GN Caja Z Vollmond Elite
VE Caliterra Z 2015 Zangersheide Capella Z Altaira Z Vollmond Elite
Verona VE 2015 Oldenburg Legolas VE Venturi Vollmond Elite
Victoire VE 2009 Selle Francias Sauvignon With A Twist Vollmond Elite
Vitalite VE 2009 Selle Francias Diamant Couper Giselle Vollmond Elite
Vizeraal VE 2013 Arabo Friesian Phazzreim M Vinstraata Vollmond Elite
Volabet VE 2004 Westphalian Volassador Bam Bam Vollmond Elite
Voodoo VE 2002 Dutch Warmblood R.W. Barbasso Remantra Vollmond Elite
Vulcan VE 2009 Swedish Warmblood HoF Wingsjo Victory Effect Donnerhope Vollmond Elite
War Cry VE 2003 Dutch Warmblood Aspiring Contender Ottelien Vollmond Elite
Wiccan VE 2003 Dutch Warmblood Vampirical VE Remantra Vollmond Elite
Wigburg 2009 Hanoverian Welteiner Capriccio Vollmond Elite
Wild Pride VE 2011 Irish Sport Horse Pride Rock VE Into The Wild Evergreen Inc
Willow 2009 Dutch Riding Pony Woodstock Kalista C Vollmond Elite
With Speed 2003 Danish Sport Pony Rietheims Hilbert Jacobspeels Sheila Vollmond Elite
Wraestina 1994 Hanoverian Warkant St. Pr. St. Graefin O Vollmond Elite
Xandra 1999 Swedish Warmblood Dynamo VE Commodore VE Vollmond Elite
Zilverfox VE 2007 Holsteiner Foxhound Carlonia ?
Zosima VE 2004 Dutch Warmblood Sophronius Wv Solivia Vollmond Elite
Zozobra VE 2004 Dutch Warmblood Olympus TCSA Arts Littlest Viola Vollmond Elite